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Car = skateboard?

What if your car was a skateboard?! Join with up to 16 players and jump, grind and kickflip your car as you try not to get REKT! Building upon the success of the original, REKT 2 offers new arenas, more game modes, more cars and customization options!

Stunts and tricks

Perform aerial flips, barrel rolls, loops, grinds and drifting in this love letter to Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Rush and Gymkhana. Combine tricks, increase your multiplier and shatter the online leaderboards. The smooth and intuitive physics model makes it easy to learn but hard to master!

Online & local multiplayer

Play a session with up to 16 friends or join a public lobby. Create a lobby with your own rules or start a party and select one of the curated playlists of gamemodes. Got an itch to play some couch multiplayer? Play with up to 4 players on one screen in the local multiplayer mode.

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